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The 11th Member Congress and the 11th Council of China Civil Engineering Society were held in Beijing

Release time: 2023-12-28Author: Henan Civil Architecture Society

On December 27, the 11th Member Congress and the 11th Council of the China Civil Engineering Society were held in Beijing。Yi Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, Deputy Director of the Committee of Population, Resources and Environment, Chairman of the 10th Council of the Chinese Society of Civil Engineering,Ministry of Transport Party member, Vice Minister Wang Gang,Wang Tongjun, Shang Chunming, Ma Zeping, Gu Xianglin, Wang Jun, Nie Jianguo, vice chairman of the 10th Council of the Society,Yuan Si, director of the first Board of Supervisors of the society,Wang Liqiu, Director of the Personnel Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development,Xu Jiefeng, deputy Party secretary and general manager of China Academy of Building Science,Wang Lixin, Deputy Party Secretary and president of China Railway Construction,Deputy Party Secretary and President of Shanghai Construction Engineering Group Ye Weidong,Li Jiqin, Deputy Party Secretary and Executive general manager of China Construction International, attended the meeting。The meeting was chaired by Shang Chunming and Ma Zeping respectively。






Yi Jun made a work report entitled "Giving play to the leading power of scientific and technological innovation to Promote high-quality development of undertakings",From strengthening party building work, carrying out academic activities, undertaking government transfer functions, setting up think tank expert teams, expanding international exchanges and cooperation, promoting high-level talent team construction, carrying out science and technology award activities, doing a good job in editing and publishing, carrying out science popularization activities, strengthening organizational construction and self-construction and other 10 aspects, the work carried out by the 10th Council and the achievements were systematically reviewedgrade,The working experience is also expounded。He points out,Adhering to the center and serving the overall situation is the basic principle that the work of the institute must follow,It is an effective way to enhance the image and influence of the institute to insist on building the activity brand of the institute,Persisting in reform and innovation is a powerful driving force to promote the development of the society,It is an inevitable requirement for the development of the society to adhere to the orientation of members and scientific and technical personnel。The new Council should seize the new development opportunities, unite the majority of members and civil engineering science and technology workers, 踔厉 work hard, forge ahead, run the meeting according to law, scientific management and quality service, and strive to write a new chapter in the development of the cause of China Civil Engineering Society with a new attitude。

The meeting reviewed and adopted the work report of the tenth Council of the Chinese Society of Civil Engineering, the financial work report and the work report of the first Board of Supervisors,At the same time, the selection and election methods of the 11th Council members, the Constitution of the China Civil Engineering Society (revised draft), and the motion on adjusting the membership fee standard of the society were reviewed and adopted。



Wang Liqiu read out the approval opinions on the approval of the leadership candidates of the eleventh Council of the China Civil Engineering Society。

The meeting elected the 11th Council and the leading body of China Civil Engineering Society, Yi Jun was elected chairman, Wang Gang, Wang Tongjun, Shang Chunming, Ma Zeping, Gu Xianglin, Nie Jianguo, Ye Weidong and other 7 people were elected vice chairman。Nominated by Chairman Yi Jun, appointed Li Jiqin as Secretary-General。A total of 160 representatives from branches, local associations, unit members and industry management departments were elected as directors。At the same time, the meeting elected the second board of supervisors, Wang Jun as the chief supervisor, Li Jianxun as the deputy chief supervisor, Li Xiaodong, Zhang Wei, Guo Haishan as supervisors。

At the meeting, the report on the establishment of the Science and Technology Award of the China Civil Engineering Society and the explanation on the revision of the Selection Method of the China Civil Engineering Jeme Tianyou Award were also reviewed and adopted。

After the members' congress, the Party members' Congress of the Standing Council of the eleventh Council was organized。The person in charge of the office of the Party Committee of the China Association for Science and Technology Association read out the agreement on the adjustment of the new committee members of the society。The meeting elected Shang Chunming as the secretary of the Party Committee, Li Jiqin as the deputy secretary of the Party Committee, Wang Jun as the discipline inspection committee, Wang Tongjun, Ma Zeping, Nie Jianguo, Wang Hanjun and other four comrades as members of the Party committee。



In his concluding speech, Yi Jun pointed out that the new era gives a new mission, the new responsibility achievements new actions, China Civil Engineering Society in seeking their own development at the same time, to focus on the national development strategy, in the service industry, service government, service society and other aspects of the courage to take responsibility, dare to act。In inheriting the governance concept of the Centennial Society, it is more necessary to comply with the new requirements of the new era, clarify the vision of future development, and establish common values and cultural identity。It is necessary to deepen the leadership of Party building and strengthen standardized management,Actively guide the healthy and orderly development of branches,Promote the high quality development of the society;We must have a clear understanding of the new opportunities and challenges we face in the new era,Give full play to the advantages of century-old learning,Find a new development path,Vigorously promote the construction of first-class society;We must have a deep understanding of the central position of innovation in the overall modernization drive,Innovation-driven development,Continue to put forward new development measures。He stressed that the new council should create a new situation with a new attitude, make new contributions to the construction of a first-class modern science and technology society of China Civil Engineering Society, and climb a peak for the high-quality development of China's civil engineering cause。




The meeting also held the "China Civil Engineering Science Education Base" award plaque ceremony, China Civil Engineering Society wechat public account upgrade launch ceremony and other activities。

China Association for Science and Technology, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Transport, China Railway Group, relevant research institutes, colleges and universities, enterprises and institutions, local societies of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country, as well as branches and units of the society and other guests, representatives of 258 people attended the meeting。

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