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The "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality" International Summit Forum in China's Civil construction sector was successfully held

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On October 22, under the guidance of China Civil Engineering Society, China Architectural Society, Henan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and Henan Provincial Science and Technology Association, the International Summit Forum on "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality" in China's Civil construction field was successfully held in Pingdingshan。

The forum focused on "double goals of carbon reduction", green construction and other cutting-edge hot topics, using a combination of online and offline held, from several domestic and foreign universities, more than 100 enterprises and nearly 20,000 visitors to participate in the forum。The opening ceremony of the forum was presided over by Fan Xiaowei, president of Henan College of Urban Construction。

范晓Great host

Academician Xiao Xuwen of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Wang Fuming, Academician Ma Jun, Academician Zhang Tiegang, member of the Party Group and vice Chairman of the Henan Provincial Association of Science and Technology Wang Jifen, Vice chairman of the China Civil Engineering Society Shang Chunming, Chairman of the Henan Provincial Civil Architecture Society Wang Zhaodong, Housing and Urban and rural areas in Henan ProvinceConstruction Department of science and technology and standards Department Director Liu Yanzhong, Pingdingshan deputy mayor Wang Yongji, Henan Provincial Civil Affairs Bureau of social organization Bureau two researcher Zhang Xinzhi, Pingdingshan City Science and Technology Bureau director He Hui, China Architecture Shanghai Design and Research Institute Co., LTD. Chief engineer, greenColor architectural design institute president Zhao Jian,Wang Anle, deputy general manager of China Pingmei Holding Group Co., LTD.,Henan Province Science and Technology Association Institute of academic Department Minister Wan Fu Niu,Guo Jianqun, vice chairman of the Council of Zhongzhou Construction Magazine,Pingdingshan City Science and Technology Association Party group member, chairman Zhou Baoxi,Pingdingshan civil architecture Society president Yan Jin,河南城建学院张惠贞、陈松涛、毛艳丽When the leading experts are present, I willVice presidentFan Xiaowei,、任Wang AijuGeneral secretarySupervisor Wang Xinquan attended the meeting

Wang Zhaodong delivered a speech

Wang Zhaodong introduced the main functions of Henan Civil Architecture Society in carrying out academic exchanges, promoting technological innovation, promoting the popularization of science and technology, and helping scientific and technological workers to grow into talents。Provincial Civil Construction Society will fully implement the new development concept, focus on low-carbon transformation of urban and rural construction, green construction in the whole process of engineering construction, large-scale development of low-energy buildings, track industry demand, carry out engineering practice, tackle technical problems, and contribute more updated society strength for the high-quality development of Henan Province。

Shang Chunming delivered a speech

Shang Chunming pointed out that holding the "carbon peak, carbon neutral" International Summit Forum in China's civil construction field is an important opportunity to promote the green and low-carbon development of the civil construction industry, which is of great significance。Technological innovation is the core driving force for promoting the energy revolution and industrial revolution, and supporting the realization of carbon peak and carbon neutrality。It is hoped that the participating experts will conduct extensive discussions and in-depth discussions, carry out exchanges and cooperation in a wider range, at a higher level and at a deeper level, and contribute wisdom and strength to promote the high-quality development of the construction industry and the ultimate realization of the "double carbon" goal。

Wang Jifen delivered a speech

Wang Jifen pointed out that the high carbon emissions and extensive production environment of the civil construction industry do not adapt to the future development trend, and the building energy saving space is huge。Under the "double carbon" goal, how can the civil construction industry in our province remove the "high carbon" hat and urgently need a practical technical path。It is hoped that the participating experts will take this forum as an opportunity to provide more insights for promoting green low-carbon transformation and high-quality development in the field of civil construction, and contribute wisdom and solutions for realizing the goal of "double carbon" in the field of civil construction。

Liu Yanzhong delivered a speech

Liu Yanzhong pointed out,The implementation of "double carbon" has become the inevitable way for our country,The task now is to achieve a stable, sustainable low-carbon transition,Make low carbon an important feature of socialist modernization,And a series of achievements in the field of green ultra-low energy consumption buildings, building new energy and high efficiency energy-saving have been highly evaluated for the role of green energy industry construction and the implementation of the "double carbon" strategy in our province。

Wang Yongji delivered a speech

Wang Yongji said that "carbon peak, carbon neutrality" is the internal requirements for implementing the new development concept, building a new development pattern, and promoting high-quality development, and it is also a major strategy for the transformation and development of China's energy structure。Pingdingshan will be under the guidance of the national "dual carbon" policy,Keep up with industry developments,Based on clean coal electricity,Take new energy as the development direction,To green smart energy as the core,Promote the transformation of urban development into green, circular and low-carbon,Strive to quickly realize the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure,At the same time, the goal of reaching the peak of carbon and carbon neutrality is achieved at an early date。

Zhang Huizhen delivered a speech

Zhang Huizhen, secretary of the Party Committee of the University, on behalf of the organizer, introduced the development history of the university, disciplinary and professional characteristics, especially focusing on the achievements of the university in serving the development of local industries in green low-carbon energy saving and emission reduction, green energy conversion and use, energy saving and low-carbon urban environment construction。Under the guidance of the national "double carbon" policy, the school will closely follow the development of the industry, take the needs of enterprises as the guidance, focus on the "double carbon" goal of civil engineering science and technology innovation, and work together to contribute to the realization of the "double carbon" goal。

Academician Xiao Xuwen delivered a report

Academician Ma Jun报告

During the keynote presentation,Xiao Xuwen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, titled "Development and Promotion of Green Construction",Outline a vivid and comprehensive picture of the whole process of green construction;Wang Fuming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, titled the Development of Underground engineering flood disaster prevention Technology and the construction Progress of "Engineering Hospital",The methods of underground engineering disaster detection and treatment are explained in detail.Ma Jun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, titled "Carbon neutral Vision Urban and rural Sustainable Development Countermeasures and green industry Development Opportunities",Comprehensive and in-depth elaboration of the current green low-carbon industry development opportunities。

In the special report session of the Forum, the participating experts made special reports on cutting-edge hot issues such as low-carbon buildings, energy conservation and environmental protection, flexible peaking of coal power, and carbon dioxide power generation。

The closing ceremony was presided over by Fan Xiaowei。He points out,This forum is driven by in-depth study and implementation of the Party's 20 Major spirit,Focus on the "double carbon" goal of a variety of technology chain innovation and cross-field cooperation of enterprises,We discussed the "double carbon" related technological innovation in the field of civil engineering and construction in China,The future development trend is prospected in depth,It plays a positive role in promoting China's green building construction, urban and rural sustainable development, energy revolution, clean and efficient use of coal, planning and construction of new energy systems, participating in global governance against climate change, and promoting communication and cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the national green "double carbon" industrial chain。The holding of this forum will have a positive and far-reaching impact on the construction of Henan University of Urban Construction's model applied technology type undergraduate colleges, the cultivation and construction of master's degree granting units, and the implementation of the "double carbon" strategy。

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